Ann’s Four Areas of Expertise

I provide presentations in a variety of formats both online and in-person. I have presented in-service teacher training, EdCamp sessions, online videos, and district-level training.
My presentations include improving students’ ability to search online, integrating technology in student learning, and using Promethean Inspire.Learn More
EdCamps provide facilitator led discussions. I have led sessions in Online Collaboration in Primary Grades, Free Online Professional Development and Inspiration, Supporting and Showcasing Student Learning with Audio and VideoLearn More
I have presented two sessions for the K12 Online Conference: Monsters Bloom in Our Wiki – integrating technology and levels of Blooms Taxonomy and Building Knowledge of Web Search – scaffolding student learning in Kindergarten through eighth grade to move from dependent to independent searching and producing content.Learn More
I have provided training sessions to the Elizabeth Regional Training Center’s Alternate Route students in Technology in Education, grammar school principals in the Archdiocese of Newark on the topic of leading through technology, and teachers in a deanery within the Archdiocese of Newark on the topic of Technology in Education. Learn More