Triple E Framework

In the coming school year I am introducing the Triple E Framework developed by Liz Kolb. Liz spent the last six years diving into the research that demonstrates the factors that are shown to make strong connections between the use of technology and student learning. Her excellent book, Learning First, Technology Second, provides information about […]

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NCEA 2017 – St. Louis

This week I shared some of the big ideas I took home from the 2017 National Catholic Education Association convention. I had the opportunity to attend several very interesting sessions as well as presenting one. Above all, as with the previous two conventions I attended, it is the people who make the experience. In the […]

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Catholic Schools Mystery Skype Partners

Mystery Skypes have been around for years. Teachers pair up and help their students have a game of 20 questions to discover the location of each other’s school. Depending on the grade, this could be a state or get as detailed as the town or school name. It all rests on the clues and resourcefulness […]

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Integrate Technology Skills to Support Student Learning

I had an opportunity to speak with almost every PK-8 and specials teacher over the course of five days for 35 minutes in October. I knew that I would see about 80 teachers in 35 minute rotations. The challenge was to provide the teachers with grade appropriate ideas. They came from technology rich and poor schools. […]

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ISTE2016 Full Day Two – New Teacher Academy and Closing Keynote

I went to an event on Tuesday called the New Teacher Academy. It was sponsored by Amazon Education and featured Lisa Dabbs, Shelly Sanchez Terrell, Erin Klein, and Tanya Avrith. I have an opportunity to work with new teachers and was looking forward to what these ladies would share.

Unfortunately there are no recordings from the session. […]

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Did the #lastbell Hashtag in May

I wanted to share a few words about the #lastbell hashtag. It came about in a conversation in a Women in Educational Leadership Voxer group. There was a conversation about how many individuals in school begin to think about the end of school and begin to kick back. The #lastbell hashtag and posts are to […]

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2015-2016 School Year

The 2015-2016 school year continued to head in a direction that will support teachers in the instructional use of technology that we began last year. Of the 66 elementary schools, just one school had little interaction with our work and I expect this to change next year. Three schools are independent schools that are Catholic. These […]

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ISTE2016 Full Day Two –Volunteering and BYOD Session

ISTE Volunteer
I remember Kristen Hokanson talking about the first time she volunteered at ISTE. It seemed like she enjoyed it. I decided to open Tuesday with a volunteer stint at the Presenter’s Room. The hardest part about volunteering is that they really don’t tell you much. You learn what you are doing by word of […]

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ISTE2016 Full Day One – More of the Day

I heard a lot about the playgrounds and poster sessions at ISTE so after the BYOD session I headed over the those areas.
Poster Sessions
I took a few photos and notes on what I saw. In addition, the ISTE app had an on-going contest so I was on the lookout for game codes too. I visited […]

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ISTE2016 Full Day One – BYOD Session

I looked at Monday as the first “real” day of the ISTE conference. I was scheduled bright and early for a “Rethinking the Chromebook as a Creation Device” workshop. Before the conference I will able to choose up to 3 free bring your own device sessions. This caused some feelings of buyers remorse. At the […]

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