Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

My thoughts on the environment. I often have computers that have become obsolete or broken. One thing that I have gotten involved in is Freecycle. My local chapter is in New Jersey. It's an interesting project. You post what you are getting rid of, see who responds, and select a person through email. Our group posts through a Yahoo group.

I have passed on old Mac LC/580s. They still work. I have old educational software that no longer benefits the school, but they are just obsolete from the standpoint of what teachers are able to do with them in the classroom. A veteran came by and picked up a couple to take to homebound vets who what to tinker with the old technology. A dad came by and picked up one for his son to play around with.

Look into it in your local area.

Another thing that I am starting to do it take apart old computer for spare parts before taking them to electronic recycling. This is the first time I am doing this. Some computers are really getting to the point where it doesn't pay to have a computer company fix the problem. This past weekend, a hard drive broke on one machine. I already had another machine with a bad monitor. The machine with the good monitor got the new drive, I also now have a spare CD drive, Mac battery, and RAM card.

The end...